The End of the Road

November 25, 2009

These are God’s words.

These words are finished. I have said what I have to say, which is the same as ages past. Few will listen – that has not changed either. My prophet’s words, which are My words, are ended. Few have heard, but they stand here as a witness against you.


I have begun a new work, a new thing, a new age. Be part of it if you will – I am calling to you, the choice is yours. The Church of the Reformation has begun. Come to Me.

Added May 2015

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Be Right Or Be Silent

November 16, 2009

These are God’s words.

Oh foolish prophets! You chase after numbers and meaning and grasp at vapor and perceive only mists. You over-interpret and do not listen to what the spirit is saying. Quiet yourselves, quit trying to find answers and let Me find the answers. You have gifts but do not know how to use them! You think too much of yourselves and too little about what I am doing and why I do it the way I do. Your understanding is small and your arrogance great. Humble yourselves before Me and those you think you instruct. You instruct them in error and confuse many and harm not a few. I hold you accountable for this. Repent, and learn what you are doing. Quit assuming. Quit presuming. Quit thinking you are speaking for Me when you are speaking for yourselves. I am warning those I have gifted.

To those who speak falsely, knowing they lie; the agents of darkness, no matter the clothing of light; to the witches, and sorcerers, and tools of Satan – you have your reward.

To the others – repent. Find your place and be content with it. I can use you for good, but I will not in your present state. If you don’t know, be silent and learn. I am going to tolerate the foolish musings of your mouths no longer. If you have no discernment, then ask!

No more, I say, no more! Be right, or be silent.

Wake Up America!

November 16, 2009

These are God’s words.

Belshazzar of Babylon saw the writing on the wall and wondered what it meant. You see the writing on your wall everyday in newspaper headlines, TV news stories, and internet blogs, and you remain asleep. Oh, some say change and hope and reform, ‘isn’t it wonderful!’ Others say, we are being robbed of our identity and culture; others say, ‘this too shall pass’. Some say, ‘we must fight’ and others, ‘what’s the use’, as they struggle to maintain their standard of living. But no one asks why. No one asks, ‘what can we do?’ No one asks, what is the author of the writing saying?

He is saying, you have turned your back on Me, and I have turned My back on you.

You know there is a monster in the room and all you do is hide under the covers and pretend it isn’t there. It is there, and it is going to eat you unless you call for help. You cannot fight it, you cannot escape, you cannot even run for very long.

You are doomed, and you will die, unless you confess your sins and say we are a rebellious and complacent people and we repent. We have abandoned, rejected, and ridiculed  the very one who gave us our blessings, and we only curse Him when they are taken away. If you would say, ‘we will change’, ‘we will return to the path of our fathers’, ‘we will seek your will and not our own’ – then I would preserve your lives. But you will not repent even to live.

In heaven, there is joy for the few who listen, and sadness and anguish for those who will not.  Wake up America. Look at the writing on the wall and do something about it.

The End Has Begun

November 8, 2009

These are God’s words.

The ‘leadership’ you have seen exhibited by your politicians  has been evidenced by the back room passage of a so-called health care reform. This is foolishness of the first order and is only going to become worse. How can it get worse you ask. Wait and watch.

A spirit of hate and violence and intolerance is rising in the land, and your politicians, which you elected, are not immune. There is civil war on the horizon. It is obvious to anyone with even a small measure of vision. It will split families, churches, communities, states, and nations. There will be no winning side – only death, destruction, despair, and the loss of your freedoms.

You have brought this upon yourselves, and I will not intervene to stop it. It is the spirit of the times and you must flee it and fight for My Spirit [this is a spiritual, not physical fight] or you will not survive.

How could they (politicians) do any thing worse? Just wait.

A Message to the Voters of Washington State – November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009

God gave me this word in reference to R71, the everything but marriage referendum, the night of the recent election, Nov 3, 2009. I considered what to do with it and have decided to go ahead and post it. See my page on God and politics for more about this.

These are God’s words.

You don’t tolerate gay marriage – you want it. You think yourselves loving, and tolerant, and kind, and accepting – and you are accepting! You will accept anything but truth. You think – aren’t we great! We are so tolerant, so accepting, so loving – unlike those prejudiced, hateful defenders of God’s most sacred creation, marriage. You say – we will not call it marriage, but you do not fool even yourselves, let alone Me.

You have become the first state to enact this evil with the approval of the populace, and you shall be the first state to suffer My wrath. Do not despair, you are not alone, you are only the first. Others are panting at your heels, and they too shall have their reward.

I am not pleased, and you had better recognize it, or you will suffer for it. You think there is no God? You do err, and you will learn, but will you repent? You had better.


November 4, 2009

There are no white witches, only witches.

Oh Christians, Wake Up!

November 4, 2009

These are God’s words.

How can you claim to be Mine? Your discernment is so lacking you think evil, good. You celebrate and revel in Halloween thinking it is fun, and cute, and an excuse for a party. Do you not know what you are playing with? There are dark spirits, and they want only your destruction. They are fueled by hate and you fan the flames!

I hate sorcery and witchcraft, and you play with it thinking it harmless and fun. How blind you are. You have not read My word.  You have not asked to see, and you reject My warnings. Listen now, or you will experience what you play with to your everlasting shame and regret. Flee the dark and seek the light, for when darkness closes in you cannot escape it.

There is evil in the land and you ignore it. You say “but it’s only one day” – and I say “there is only one eternity.”

God’s Reaction to the US Elections of November 2009

November 4, 2009

These are God’s words.

I am not pleased with this nation or this region [Pacific Northwest]. I have given you the right to govern yourselves and look what you have done with it. You run from My laws and seek only your own way and benefit for yourselves, as long as someone else pays for it. You grow bigger and bigger government so they can do what you should be doing for yourselves. And you wonder why things just get worse. Foolish, foolish people; I have given up on you. You will not change. You will not repent. You will not seek righteousness, but only evil, and you will get what you deserve.

I no longer bless this land, although I have blessed it more than any other, and you take the blessing and make it a curse. You have made it a curse, and you shall eat the fruit of it. I have removed My protection from the land. You will now eat of the fruits of your labor as all the nations do and, as you fall, the nations will despise you and rejoice in your distress because of the jealousy they have had. They will be jealous no more, but delight in your fall – and you have brought it on yourselves.

You have had elections in which I sought for righteousness, and I sought for wisdom, and I sought for a servant’s heart, and I found none. I am done. You have lost. Your land will dry up, your seed will rot, your money becomes worthless, and your hope disappears. You have thought it was you who made the nation great, but is I who will make it small.

To the few who will listen – repent, and turn to Me. Only I can save you in the greatest collapse the world has ever seen.

From exalted to rejected in so short a time! There is nothing worth saving. You have made My choice easy. I have turned My face from you. And yet, for the few, I will not utterly forsake you – and yet, you are so evil you will persecute the very ones who keep you from total destruction. Your end is near. You can hear the foot steps in the hall. Soon the door will open and you will see death. You have earned it.

Holy Spirit Said

October 30, 2009

Holy Spirit said: I don’t cause people to bark like dogs, cluck like chickens, hiss like snakes, or act like drunks, and I am offended that you think I would.

Time, Times, and Half a Time

October 29, 2009

God asked me, “Why does everyone assume ‘time, times and half a time’ [Rev 12:14] equals three and a half years?”

Then He said this:

You [theologians] try too hard to understand what you cannot understand. Why can’t you just accept that you cannot know and rely on Me for the revelation of truth, instead of trying to force reconciliation of months and days and years? My ways are not your ways, and My time is not your time. I will reveal truth via My prophets when I chose to do so, and not before. Your efforts at understanding and explanation are futile – so why don’t you try listening to Me and not yourselves and your companions? Neither you, nor they, have the answers. You assume too much and never ask why I did it this way. Hence, you cannot but err.


The Word, The Truth, and The Keeper Of The Keys.